Monday, July 11, 2011

Custom Build Kitchen Island

A while back I had my dad build me a kitchen island.  I needed it to house my Kitchen Aid mixer, Rotisserie, and trash can.  I even had him add on some shelves for some of my cookbooks.  I love how it turned out and the butcher block top is wonderful when preparing dinner for my family.

Here you can see the cookbook shelves.  Great for storage and for being able to keep some of my favorites right at my finger tips.
Above, you see the back side with everything closed up.  I looks so nice.  I did the finish on the piece.  I was wanting a older distressed look.  Not exactly what I was going for, but I love it.

Here you can see all the drawers pulled out.  The tall drawer is my trash can.  I love that it is hidden but is is so functional.  Above the trash can is my knife drawer.  With a little one in the house it is nice to have all my knives in one location, out of reach, and with a child lock on it.  I can rest assured that he's not accidentally picking one up when searching for something.  To the right side the two bottom drawers are for my rotisserie and mixer.  They work wonderful.  The shelves pull out to make it easier to get the appliances in and out.  The top right sided drawer I use for all my other utensils that I don't use that much.

With the way that is is built I can use the butcher block top and then just scoop the scraps into the trash can.  This is a wonderful heavy duty piece.  I love it.

Thanks Dad!