Sunday, September 13, 2015

My Business Update - September, 2015

                                                              September, 2015

It is way past time for me to update this blog, so I appreciate your viewing pictures of some of my work in Gwinnett County.  I added posts of 6 projects I've done over the last few years.  There is much more that I've done, painting inside and out, refinishing decks, remodels of kitchens and baths, painting cabinets, repairing things in and outside, and so forth.

However, at this writing, I also announce that I will be moving my business back to the Montgomery area.  My son, Corey, and his family are moving to Coppell, Texas as he will become the pulpit minister for the Riverside Church of Christ.  We can't move there with them nor stay in the Atlanta area without them, so we are moving back to Montgomery to be near our daughter, Amy.

I'm hoping to start working in Montgomery, at least on weekends, sometime in October or November.  We will be working the remainder of this month getting our house ready to sell and finishing some scheduled work here in this area.

If you, or someone you know, needs my services, please get in touch with me.  You can find my email address in my profile information.

Thank you very much.

A Wishing Well?

A sweet lady called and asked me to take care of several odd jobs in the back yard.  I straightened up the privacy fence and gate so the gate would close correctly, replaced a lattice work door/ gate under the deck that was barely holding itself together, and replaced the facade over the Wishing Well.  I used the Azek (PVC) type material and pretty much duplicated the arch and columns that were there, made of wood and pretty well deteriorated.  Under the arch is a pool, hence the "Wishing Well" and when the pump is running, the water cycles from the larger pool underneath back up to the top pool and flows out the front.  

Bathroom Makeover

A neighbor of Corey's asked me to remodel the Master Bath.  The shower stall was leaking, and there was some rotted supports for the Garden Tub, and some serious updating that needed to be done.   You can see a sample of the wallpaper.  All had to come down, walls be repaired, primed and painted.  The floor was also uneven and had to be leveled up in preparation for the tile.  He selected the 24" tile that looks like wood.  The white grout looked good at first, but it stains so easily, he regretted that choice later.  The long vanity was removed, plumbing run differently, pedestal sinks installed, new mirrors and lights, and so forth.  This was a lot of work, but a fun project.

Here's a sample of the wallpaper, and yes, the ceiling was vaulted.


Here's after:

From Pergola to Screened Porch

I had some friends in Lilburn ask me to remove the rotted Pergola that was over their back patio and build a screened in porch.  Their backyard is a registered wild bird habitat, so space was somewhat limited, but I was able to increase the size of the covered area.  I made the screen doors from 5/4 by 6 deck lumber so they will last.  They selected 18" square tile for the flooring.  Added a ceiling fan and outlets inside the outer wall.

Deck Project

A realtor called me to a house that needed a new deck installed before closing.  The old deck was in poor shape and rather "shaky."  The seller was willing to pay to replace it with a new one.  The joists were still good, but the rest needed to go.



Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen had standard, and out of date, laminate counter tops, wall paper that needed to be removed, and some serious updating. The family had someone else install the granite counter tops (because I don't do that) and then I tiled the back splash and island, installed 12" slate tile on the floor, bead board on the ceiling, painted the cabinets, etc.  Here are a couple of "before" pictures

Here is finished work.

Front Porch Project

Some good friends had a problem with the facade on the front of their house.  The wood in the top of the facade was rotten and eaten by Carpenter Bees, and they wanted a covered porch.  Here's what they had.

So I went to work, removed the upper facade, replaced the rotted wood on the base of the columns, and added a covered porch and hand rails.  I duplicated the dental detail work over the door to run the full width of the new ceiling.  I also routed the front of the columns to duplicate the decorative accent grooves from the original facade. As you can see from the pictures, they selected the fancier ballusters for the hand rails.  The home owners (and the neighbors) are really satisfied with the finished product.