Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Front Porch in Stone Mountain

A realtor contacted me to replace the front steps and landings on a house in Stone Mountain, GA.  Here's what was there.

A view from the side approaching the deck from the sidewalk.

A view angled from the front

A view looking down from the upper landing to the middle landing.

The wood was extremely rotted and weather worn and I was surprised as I dismantled it that it would hold any weight.  I think it was up there on a lick and a promise and the promise was no good and the lick had rusted out.

Here is the finished product, before staining.

The view from the side.

The View from the angled front.

The upper landing with the entry door to the right of the picture.

Looking down at the middle landing.

I had to replace most of the joists and work to anchor the ledger boards to the walls.  The previous ones were nailed in using 16d nails, which really are not sufficient.  Using good pressure treated wood and applying a good sealing stain, this project should last the new owners a good while, and be sturdy enough to hold them while the move in!