Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Front Porch in Stone Mountain

A realtor contacted me to replace the front steps and landings on a house in Stone Mountain, GA.  Here's what was there.

A view from the side approaching the deck from the sidewalk.

A view angled from the front

A view looking down from the upper landing to the middle landing.

The wood was extremely rotted and weather worn and I was surprised as I dismantled it that it would hold any weight.  I think it was up there on a lick and a promise and the promise was no good and the lick had rusted out.

Here is the finished product, before staining.

The view from the side.

The View from the angled front.

The upper landing with the entry door to the right of the picture.

Looking down at the middle landing.

I had to replace most of the joists and work to anchor the ledger boards to the walls.  The previous ones were nailed in using 16d nails, which really are not sufficient.  Using good pressure treated wood and applying a good sealing stain, this project should last the new owners a good while, and be sturdy enough to hold them while the move in!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adding Lattice Work Under a Deck

A good friend asked me to install some lattice under his deck, including a couple of gates to allow access to the air conditioners and other storage areas.  Here is what I accomplished for him.

He wanted an access to be able to get the ladder in and out from this end and an access near where the table is located as well.

Here is the finished product.

The gates for access are 4 feet wide to accomodate a large wheelbarrow, lawnmower, AC equipment, etc.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Custom Build Kitchen Island

A while back I had my dad build me a kitchen island.  I needed it to house my Kitchen Aid mixer, Rotisserie, and trash can.  I even had him add on some shelves for some of my cookbooks.  I love how it turned out and the butcher block top is wonderful when preparing dinner for my family.

Here you can see the cookbook shelves.  Great for storage and for being able to keep some of my favorites right at my finger tips.
Above, you see the back side with everything closed up.  I looks so nice.  I did the finish on the piece.  I was wanting a older distressed look.  Not exactly what I was going for, but I love it.

Here you can see all the drawers pulled out.  The tall drawer is my trash can.  I love that it is hidden but is is so functional.  Above the trash can is my knife drawer.  With a little one in the house it is nice to have all my knives in one location, out of reach, and with a child lock on it.  I can rest assured that he's not accidentally picking one up when searching for something.  To the right side the two bottom drawers are for my rotisserie and mixer.  They work wonderful.  The shelves pull out to make it easier to get the appliances in and out.  The top right sided drawer I use for all my other utensils that I don't use that much.

With the way that is is built I can use the butcher block top and then just scoop the scraps into the trash can.  This is a wonderful heavy duty piece.  I love it.

Thanks Dad!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back Deck

I just finished removing and replacing a back deck for some folks in Lilburn.  The framework was still good, but the decking, handrail and seats were in bad shape.  They did not want the bench replaced, instead they wanted steps to the yard on that side.   Here's a couple of before pictures.

As the replacement process was proceeding, I was asked to install a ceiling fan over the porch.  Since I used the last available skyhook a couple of years ago, and since the house roof line offered serious design problems, I suggested a pergola type arrangement that complimented the trellis in the yard near the porch.  The fan is a Hunter designed for extreme weater exposure.  This is what they have now.

She special ordered some lattice to go underneath that has smaller openings to help keep the critters out.  It will arrive in a couple of weeks to come in and I'll return to install that.
I think this project turned out pretty good and really brightens up the back yard.

Closet Makeover

A couple asked me to remove the Closet Maid type wire shelving from their Master Closet and replace it with something more organized.  I removed the wire shelving, baseboards and carpet, patched and repainted the walls.  They will soon get new carpet installed.

The Closet was about 8 feet by 9 feet, with 9 foot ceilings, so I couldn't get a picture backed up far enough, but perhaps you can get the idea.  The Cabinets are 8 feet tall with shelves at the top and bottom to provide storage for shoes, seasonal wear, etc.

As you walk in the door, there is a shelving unit on the left that is 12 inches deep for linens, towels, etc.

Next is a unit with two compartments for Blouses and Skirts, with narrow adjustable shelves in between and 5 small drawers.

Next is a unit with compartments for his shirts and trousers with three large adjustable shelves that is installed around the existing cabinet which he used for socks and such.

Finally, there is a unit designed for dresses. 

The wife bought baskets to organize things.  They really like their new closet and the reorganization of their clothes and things.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Front Porch Project

A sweet couple asked me to replace their front porch with something much larger.
They had a concrete pad about 6  x  8 feet surrounded with brick and one step.
This is a picture that will give you an idea of the "before" idea.

Here are a couple of shots of the "after."  Now they have a 10 x 34 deck with a roof over it, and places assigned at each end for a porch swing, and room to entertain, rest in the evening, or visit and  watch the grandkids play.

I still have to go back and paint it to match the house and install the ceiling fans.  The pressure treated wood needed time to dry before painting.  I'll post some finished product pictures after that is accomplished. 

How would you like one of these at your place?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just a swingin'

Are you looking for a comfortable place to take a break.  Take a look at this beautiful swing and pergola that I built while I was in Mexico for a mission trip.

This swing has a trellis on the sides so your favorite climbing flowers can provide you with some beautiful shade.

This would be a wonderful feature to your outdoor living space.


Home Remodel

There are times when you just want a new look for your home, then there are times when you have had significant damage that causes a home remodel.  Here are some before and after pictures of a house that I worked on.

Water damage had caused the lower portion of the walls throughout the house to have to be removed and replaced.  Here is the wall after the damaged portion had been removed.

This is picture of the wall after it had been repaired, but before the paint. 

This home was an older home that still had a wet bar as part of the main living area.  The owners wanted it removed to update the home a bit before selling it.
After I removed the bar, removed the existing plumbing, and repaired the wall.  As you can see, I added a beam at the top to mimic the other beams in the living room.

I stained the beam a dark walnut to match the other beams in the room (finished beam is not pictured).  All the walls were primed and painted and a new laminate hard wood floor was put in (not picutred).  Several other updates were done to this home as well: painted the kitchen cabinets, new baseboards, and replaced the sink vanity in the hallway bathroom.

If you are in need of a remodel, or just want some updating done, I would love to help you out.

This is the finished product after removing the wet bar and installing a suppport beam across the opening.

We painted the Kitchen cabinets, which gave them new life, and installed
a beautiful laminate floor.