Thursday, April 28, 2011

Back Deck

I just finished removing and replacing a back deck for some folks in Lilburn.  The framework was still good, but the decking, handrail and seats were in bad shape.  They did not want the bench replaced, instead they wanted steps to the yard on that side.   Here's a couple of before pictures.

As the replacement process was proceeding, I was asked to install a ceiling fan over the porch.  Since I used the last available skyhook a couple of years ago, and since the house roof line offered serious design problems, I suggested a pergola type arrangement that complimented the trellis in the yard near the porch.  The fan is a Hunter designed for extreme weater exposure.  This is what they have now.

She special ordered some lattice to go underneath that has smaller openings to help keep the critters out.  It will arrive in a couple of weeks to come in and I'll return to install that.
I think this project turned out pretty good and really brightens up the back yard.

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